Our life


Where everything started

At number 11 Lepanto Street, in Ourense, Francisco de las Cuevas y Cabo chose premises to open a small family food business. As time passed, that grocery shop moves to Progreso Street and it became the seed that would grow into the Grupo Cuevas that we know today. Francisco de…


A family company

José Lorenzo de las Cuevas Vázquez inherited the family business on the death of his father Francisco de las Cuevas. At that time, the grocery store had already become a thriving food store. José Lorenzo de las Cuevas not only dedicated his life to the company, but was also a…


Cuevas y Cía S.A.

Ignacio de las Cuevas Moreno, grandson of the founder, accepted the presidency of the company in 1944 with a strong desire for innovation and growth. He was the architect of the new business project, Cuevas y Cía, S.A., based on the international export of fresh farm and wild produce. Chestnuts,…


From fresh to frozen produce

In the 1970’s we decided to inaugurate a new line of business by freezing fresh products for international distribution. This allowed us to satisfy the demand of the Asian markets, the main consumers worldwide of chestnuts, which are fully integrated in the gastronomic culture of those countries.


The wholesale market, Cash&Carry

The desire for improvement and constant innovation are two mainstays of our philosophy. An example of this is the leap to wholesale distribution in 1972 with the opening of the first Cash&Carry in Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela. Today we can find Cuevas Cash in the main cities and regions…


Marron Glacé, a new beginning

We were the first Spanish company to mass-market Marron Glacé, which until then was only appreciated in France and Italy. A one-hundred-percent natural product from the easternmost area of the province of Ourense, which has become one of the symbols of the company over the years. Our commercial network reaches…


Years of expansion

The previous stage of growth and development led to the current Ignacio de las Cuevas, S.A. 1978 marked a turning point in our business history, with the relocation of the facilities to the Veintiuno Industrial Estate in Ourense, and the construction of an innovative Distribution Logistics Platform.


Leap to the automobile sector

The opening of Tomóvil, exclusive Ford dealer for Ourense, was our first experience outside of food distribution and also our first contact with the end customer. The dealership has received the “Chairman’s Award for Customer Satisfaction” seven times, the most prestigious prize awarded by Ford Europe to its most outstanding…


New lines of business: Frunatur S.A.

Frunatur is our wholesale platform for fresh vegetable produce. There are two characteristics that differentiate it from other wholesalers in the sector, making a reference in Galicia: The verticalisation of the supply and the marketing in a static and mobile product refrigeration infrastructure.


Cuevas reaches the end consumer

And why don’t we have our own retail distribution line where we can implement our way of working? This is how Aquí supermarkets were created. The quality of fresh produce is present in all the chain’s establishments, where we have applied the values that define us: customer service, modernity, innovation…


Technological innovation

Expansion and continuous growth, both in volume and lines of business, would not be possible without the commitment to technological innovation. The result of the collaboration between Grupo Cuevas and the University of Vigo is the development and implementation of innovative management systems. In 2004, Microsoft recognised us as a…


The Cuevas commitment: Grupo Cuevas Chair

The creation of the Grupo Cuevas Chair at the University of Vigo was the reaffirmation of our belief in corporate social responsibility and the commitment to transferring knowledge of the food sector between the academic world, business and the citizens.


The experience in the Aquí retail chain allowed us to take one step further and start the Aquié project, a modern concept of supermarkets that aims to simplify our customers’ lives with the main focus being time and the health. Five months after opening, it was nominated for the World…


Brand Redesign

We started this decade with a new fresh, modern brand image, in line with the business spirit that characterises us, as well as being magical and evocative, as it maintains the connection between the origin of the product and the refinement of our Marron Glacé. The redesign received the Best…


Galician Atlantic Diet Project

With a history marked by the distribution of fresh foods, we decided to collaborate with the Department of Functional Biology and Health Sciences of the University of Vigo to create the Galician Atlantic Diet website. A pioneering project that claims the importance of healthy living habits for our health, the…

Plenus Supermarkets

Plenus Supermarket is a new establishment model to market fresh produce of the highest quality and top brands at competitive prices with any of the major distribution brands. Plenus is characterised by excellence in both the quality of products offered and professional training and customer service, in modern and young…

Chestnut Forum

In 2010 the CUEVAS CHEF product range was launched with the aim of enabling consumers to taste our star product throughout the year. They can choose from a wide variety of accompaniments, such as purées, garnishes, fillings for meat or pasta and sauces, among others. CUEVAS CHEF offers that distinctive…


Frunatur expands

Frunatur opened a new advanced cold technology platform that quadruples its production capacity. The plant had 1,400 square meters and four storage areas with separate temperatures and humidity levels. Frunatur is one of the few companies in the sector equipped with a full cold platform, with first-rate machinery for packaging,…


Innovation in business management is reflected in our digital showcases, with which we present our products and sell them on the national and international market. Indeed, in 2013 Marron Glacé received the International Award for best e-commerce web in several categories: Gold in Best E-Commerce Site, Silver in Best Interface…


Grupo Cuevas and SPAR

We exclusively acquired the SPAR brand for Galicia and started the brand development plan, aiming to reach a total of 150 SPAR establishments in our region by 2023.


IFS Food

We obtain the highest quality and safety of Cuevas y Cía, S.A. products through the IFS Food international certification, one of the most demanding in the food sector, recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The certification rates us as a high quality manufacturer and distributor and proves our compliance with the…

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